- ngrok is an open-source reverse proxy that creates a secure tunnel from a public endpoint to a locally running web service. ngrok captures and analyzes all traffic over the tunnel for later inspection and replay. It is a powerful tool for building webhook consuming services. - Homepage: - Presentation: The making of ngrok

- Equinox is an build tool, API and open-source Go library that together allow you to easily build remote-updating functionality directly into Go applications that you distribute to customers. It facilitates continuous deployment to environments you don’t control. Equinox takes care of a number of problems with building a remote-updating system like code signing and binary patches. - Homepage:


- log15 is a powerful logging library for Go that encourages structured, leveled logging with context for both human and machine readability. It is designed around simple interfaces which encourage composability and reuse. The library ships with a number of built-in handlers that are can be used for complex transformations to logging outputs to all of the most common logging sinks. - Homepage: - Languages: Go


- Ratequeue is a high-performance, scalable, rate-limiting, distributed task queue. Ratequeue provides multi-tenant safe queuing and traffic shaping for all of Twilio’s outbound calls and SMS messages originating into the carrier networks, totalling millions of transactions per day. It is primarily a set of Redis Lua scripts that are encapsulated by small, loosely co-ordinating Dropwizard services. The talk discusses the architecture and manipulation of the data structures in order to provide efficient rate-limiting in detail. - Presentation: Building Ratequeue - Languages/Frameworks: Java, Dropwizard, Lua, Redis


- go-update is an open-source Go library that enables developers to create applications which update themselves from the internet. - Code: - Languages/Frameworks: Go


- muxado is an elegant high-performance library for stream multiplexing in Go applications. Stream multiplexing is commonly wrapped into other protocols and is used widely because it allows networked applications to communicate with each other using many logical streams over a single TCP connection. This can obviate the need for things like connection pools and session tokens. muxado provides a stream multiplexing interface that implements Go’s net.Listener and net.Conn interfaces making it extremely natural to use and integrate with existing libraries. - Code - Languages/Frameworks: Go


- At Fog Creek, I helped build part of Kiln, a web application that manages and organizes Mercurial repositories for software businesses. - Home page: - Languages/Frameworks: C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Javascript, jQuery


- slt is a dead-simple TLS reverse-proxy with SNI multiplexing (TLS virtual hosts). That means you can send TLS/SSL connections for multiple different applications to the same port and forward them all to the appropriate backend hosts depending on the intended destination. Unlike most other multiplexing reverse proxies, slt is not specific to HTTP. - Code - Languages/Frameworks: Go

Windows 7 at Microsoft

- At Microsoft, I worked on the Windows 7 kernel investigating and protoyping performance improvements in fundamental file system operations. My code makes Windows run faster every time any file is opened, created or deleted. - Home page: - Languages/Frameworks: C


  • jsRogue is a Roguelike (dungeon-crawling computer game in the style of Crawl, Nethack, etc) written entirely in Javascript using Canvas for the display.
  • Home page:
  • Languages/Frameworks: Javascript


- SQLTap is a plugin for SQLAlchemy that provides profiling and introspection of the SQL queries generated by an application. - Home page: - Code: - Languages/Frameworks: Python, SQLAlchemy


- YouCompete is a web application and SaaS business that helps sports facilities organize and run leagues and tournaments. - Home page: - Languages/Frameworks: C++, Python, Pylons, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Prototype


- Avolary is a real-time group text and voice chat web application. It allows groups to chat in real-time in text and voice using browsers and traditional phones. - Home page: No longer available - Lanauges/Frameworks: Python, Flask, gevent, Javascript, Backbone, node.js, Redis, Postgres


- Call2Record is a service that allows you to record audio with the use of absolutely any mobile phone. - Home page: No longer available - Languages/Frameworks: Python, Tornado, Javascript, jQuery, MySQL


- In a games design course at the University of Michigan, I worked in a team of three to build a beautiful 2D spaceship puzzle/arcade game called Syzygy. - Home page: - Languages/Frameworks: C#, XNA