About Me

Hi! I’m Alan, or @inconshreveable on the internet. I create things, mostly software.

I like to talk about how to build better educational tools for new programmers; how to run sustainable self-funded software businesses; and how we can encrypt all internet communications and build a safer and more secure web.


I’m the founder of ngrok.com. ngrok is a service that provides secure tunneling infrastructure and developer tools. It is used by tens of thousands of developers at firms all across the industry.


I’m one of the founders of equinox.io. Equinox helps you build, package, and distribute secure, self-updating Go applications. It facilitates continuous deployment to environments you don’t control.

Open source

I develop and maintain a number of open source projects, many of which are used widely. These include libraries for RPC primitives, self-updating software, structured logging, SQL query visibility and more. You can find them on github.


In past lives I worked at Twilio, Microsoft, Keen IO, Fog Creek and VMware.